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We are passionate about creating outstanding software solutions that create value for your business and lead to success.
We create custom mobile app
to help businesses thrivein the digital age

Since 2013, we’ve been developing web and mobile apps that allow companies to automate business processes and grow profitability. You too can work smarter, not harder.


When you have a product idea, Cranium provides the right people and expertise to create a digital product users will love. This way you build the product with confidence, not confusion.

Mobile App Development Tailored For Your Unique Business Goals

Performing a mobile application development for business requires unique approaches to the target audience. The entire concept is to display and make the work easier for the customers.

Fully Custom Mobile Apps

Cross Platform App development for variety of industry for customized requirement

Native Application Apps

Native Application Development for Android and iOS ranging from phone to tablets

Bring Your App Idea To Life With Industry Experts
Work With A Top Notch App Success Team To Bring Your Idea To Life

Mobile Application Development is a big part of our world these days. Everything from playing online games to buying edibles comes right on your devices due to mobile applications. When you talk of business, this is another essential and innovative strategy to improve and add to your business. People dont realize the importance of having a mobile application, but things can change a lot due to this factor. Mobile Application Development for business as a whole, you cant ignore the advantages you gain in your business. Customers like to be engaged more in such applications that provide long hectic computing data just at one place, increasing the convenience, etc. Its always better to provide a mobile application to your users to increase the market.

Get Started in
a Few Minutes with

Creative UI design

Build your mobile application with cranium technology comapny.

Super fast loading speed

We build the supper fast mobile application. Users like speed.

Knowledge management

Transform product requirements in Confluence into a Wireframe

Fast Development

Paint your app to life in milliseconds with Stateful Hot Reload.

Expressive and Flexible UI

Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences.

Native Performance

Creating a Native Application working seamlessly in Android and iOS.

Features that offer a sound app building experience
Everything you need to create a perfect mobile app

Powerful add-ons

Simplify your app creation journey with add-ons and enhance your overall experience.

Real-time sync

Turn website to app and auto-populate website content with real time sync.

Multi-platform support

Create apps for WordPress blogs, WooCommerce stores and CMS websites with our iOS & Android app creator.

Intuitive cart & checkout

Smart cart & checkout enables users to add or remove products, apply coupons, and more.

Smart search & sort

Cranium Technology delivers intelligent search, sort & filter options that enhance in-app journey.

Enable guest checkout

Allow guest shoppers to make purchases on your app built with AppMySite online app builder.

Social login

Empower app users to use direct Google and Facebook login options for faster onboarding.

Payment Gateway Support

Offer a payment gateway that your customers prefer.

Get a Android and iOS Application
We help organizations / individuals like you to convert your ideas into reality


Get native Android builds. Create an Android app and tap into a wider audience.


Get native iOS builds. Use multiple customization features to create the iOS app you always wanted.

Build an app with Cranium Technology!

The entire concept is to display and make the work easier for the customers. The entire thing is technical work, and hence one needs a good developer for doing so. From friendly application to writing software to designing to attract customers, it is so much in one box.